Specialized fish farm for breeding rainbow trout.

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THE OSHTAVA RIVER FISH FARM Specialized fish farm for breeding rainbow trout.

The trout fish farm is located at the altitude of 1000 meters (3280 ft) at the skirts of Dautov peak, Kamenishki peak and Pirin peak, which are destinations visited by tourists.

The fish farm is surrounded by pristine areas with picturesque views to the peaks of the Pirin Mountains and the predominant vegetation of centuries-old broadleaf and coniferous forests. The multitude of nooks built for recreation and the river Oshtava flowing in their vicinity and near the fish farm contribute to the impression for a peaceful and relaxing place.

The river Oshtava

The river is famous for the high level of oxygen due to the mountainous nature of its valley and its long-term feeding from water from the snow melting in the high parts of the Pirin Mountains.

Good quality

All European standards for quality and healthy produce have been implemented when breeding rainbow trout. Continuous control of the raw materials used in the farm. In collaboration with well-known companies to meet the up-to-date demands of clients.

Favourable climate

In all parts of the mountains the climate is typically mountainous. In the lower areas, around Oshtava and Senokos villages, and especially along the valley of the river Struma, the Mediterranean influence can be clearly perceived. 

Clean, delicious and healthy meat

The favourable climate in combination with the high oxygen and mineralization content in the water make it possible to breed good quality fish produce with delicious and healthy meat.

When the trout is cooked in a certain manner, then it is considered to be a dietary meal. The meat itself has a delicate smell.


Low calories

Contributes to losing weight in case of obesity; it contains high quantity of protein.

Amino Acids

High content of amino acids and it is quickly absorbed by the body.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids decrease the risk of infarction and stroke.

Vitamins and Minerals

High content of vitamin-mineral complex; vitamins of group А, C, B & PP, potassium, selenium, magnesium, etc.


The fish farm continuously keeps quantities of fish in stock that would meet the wholesale and retail demand for the fish products.

Our trout is bred in 7 ponds. Four of the ponds are long 15 meters, wide 3 meters and deep 1.5 meters. Three of the ponds are long 25 meters, wide 3 meters and deep 1.5 meters.  


The production capacity of the trout farm goes up to 50 000 kg.

About the region

Oshtava village is located in the northwest skirts of the Pirin Mountains along both banks of the flowing river Oshtava /Devil’s River/. Пирин планина по двата бряга на преминаващата река „Ощавска“ /Дяволска/

That region provides opportunities for entertainment for fans of mineral springs, too. Near the trout farm, in the area of Oshtava village, there are two mineral springs – Hladkata (Cool) and Vrelata (Boiling Bath) Banya. The water in the Hladkata Banya has long been used for healing purposes of the musculo-skeletal system and bone-joint diseases by the local people. It is located in the beautiful area of Banishteto. пъстървеното стопанство в землището на с. Ощава се намират два минерални извора – Хладката и Врелата баня. Водата на хладката минерална баня много отдавна се ползва от местните жители за лечение на опорно-двигателния апарат и костно-ставни заболявания. Разположена е в красивата местност Банището.


Топ 5 причини да консумираме повече риба

Top 5 reasons to eat more fish

Why does eating fish improve our health? We searched for the most important causes and we are sharing those tips with you. Here are 10 reasons why fish is beneficial and why we should eat fish more often: 1.Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids which the organism itself cannot produce but take them through food. 2.Fish contains proteins, vitamins and many minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron. 3.Eating fish enhances concentration capacity of the brain and reduces the risk of Alzheimer. 4.Only sea fish provides iodine to the organism.



Benefits of eating rainbow trout: Contains Omega-3 fatty acids. It reduces the risk of infarction and stroke; Contributes to lose weight in case of obesity; Contributes for healthy hair and nails; Helps in case of rheumatism and other problems in the joints; Heals diseases of the pancreas; Decreases the cholesterol and blood sugar levels; Supports the walls of blood vessels; In case of neurological diseases, it contributes to the enhancement of wellbeing; Helps to the body to recover after physical exercise; Supports the immune system.

С. Сенокос и с. Ощава

Seconos and Oshtava

The Oshtava River fish farm is located in the areas of the villages of Senokos and Oshtava. Senokos village is in North Pirin and it is the nearest to the National Park out of all the villages in Simitli Municipality. The village is a convenient start point to climb up peak Pirin – the most northern Alpine peak in the mountains.

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Rainbow trout from ecological region of Pirin Mountain 


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Seconos and Oshtava


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